Triax Tri-link Kit

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TRIAX Tri-link
Price: €60.00

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Triax Tri-link

Triax Tri Link. This handy modulator allows you to send a satellite receiver which has no RF Output along RF/Coax cable and along with the Magic Eye allows you to change the channel of this receiver.

Basically this gives any receiver the Magic Eye option available on a Sky receiver. It allows you to view and change the channel of a receiver situated in another room.

The Tri Link Kit can be used with any receiver which has a Scart output or RCA/Phono output(use a Scart adaptor).

We have used this kit with CCTV installs where the consumer wants to view the cameras in all rooms throughout the house. Usually this involves BNC to Phono to Scart, then connect into Tri Link and insert into Distribution Amplifier. Make sure to choose a suitable channel frequency!!

Pack Contains:


* Ouput Frequency: 470-856MHz

* Default channel: CH36

* Gain: 10dB

* Return Path gain: >10dB

* Connectors:

* Power input (F connector)

* RF in: (F connector)

* RF outs: qty 2

* (F connector),

* passive and RF2 (9V)

* AV scart In

* Av scart Out

* Power switch with Indicator LED

* Adjustable RF out twin channel dials

2.IR Transmitter

* Peak wavelength: 940nm

* View Angle: 40 degrees

* Cable length 800mm

3.Power Adaptor

* Input voltage: 230v/50Hz AC

* Ouptput voltage: 12v/400mA DC

* Output connector: F connector

4.Triax Magic Eye


  • Useful when wireless won't work
  • Can be used in conjunction with freesat boxes, combo receivers, Saorview and more


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