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May Mag Madness!!

To celebrate our relaunch we are having special promotion called May Mag Madness. We have dropped all prices on our Mag254 and Mag256 boxes. Cheapest Mag254 and Mag256 in Ireland.

Mag boxes are the go to name when it comes to IPTV boxes. They have lead the way for many years and been hugely popular in Spain with EXPats for years and in Italy since cardsharing finished up there.

Now here in the UK and Ireland we are facing a similar prospect with a few transponders already unavailable on cardsharing systems due to a change in encryption. Is the end of cardsharing near? I will have an article on cardsharing next week.

So we have dropped the price of Mags for May to help all you guys out to save some money!!

Next week I will be putting up some videos of common problems people have with Mag boxes and how to solve them.

See you soon

PS We don't approve the use of any receiver to receive channels illegally.