Hi Guys,

Our special offer this week is on Patio & Flat Roof Mounts. What are Patio & Flat Roof Mounts?

Normally you mount your Satellite Dish or Aerial on a wall bracket which is bolted onto the wall or onto a chimney via a lashing kit. If you can't mount onto either of these a common solution is to use Non- Penetrating Frames or Patio & Flat roof Mounts.

How do these work? Let's have a look at one of our most popular mounts.

The above bracket has a 500x500mm frame perfect size for a patio slab or some concrete blocks to weigh it down to stabilise it. Then if you look at the clamp on the front you can see that this is perfect for attaching masts/poles. Onto the mast/pole you can attach your satellite dish/aerial/wifi antenna. This gives you a solid platform anywhere.

Most common uses are:

Flat Roof - When it is impossible to attach a bracket anywhere - Especially in large commercial developments, ideal for Cinemas

Camper Van / Caravan Portable Solution - Relatively Lightweight & portable solution to receive TV channels

No work can be done on building - If somebody is in a rental property and can't attach anything to the property Plus many more uses

Now lets have a look at our popular Patio or Concrete Mounts

We can see from the above mount it is a base plate with 4 holes and an upright mast. This mount is perfect for use on Patios or Concrete floors. Just bolt the mount onto a solid surface via 4 bolts and you have a heavy duty upright mast perfect for satellite dish/aerial/wifi antenna.

Common Uses: