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HD Modulators were once only used in commercial jobs due to the price but over the last 12-18 months we have seen a large drop in their price. Leading to them being commonly used in commercial and domestic jobs. We have the Technomate TM-RF HD Modulator on offer this week @ Megavision.ie

What are the uses of a HD Modulator?

A HD modulator allow you to connect anything with a HDMI output into an existing coaxial system. But what does this mean?

Lets look at an example.

I have a house with 5 TVs. Each TV is wired with RG6 coaxial cable back up to the attic. I have a Saorview aerial and a Sky box in the attic and these are wired to all 5 tvs via a distribution amp. I have a magic eye on each tv to change the Sky channel and the Saorview channels are tuned into each tv.

Everything works great, but now I have put a CCTV system in and want to view it on all TVs. The DVR is in the attic and I take the HDMI out of the DVR and put it into the HD modulator. Then I take the cable that is going into my distribution amp (Saorview and Sky combined) and combine it with the output of the modulator.

How do I combine both signals?

You can use a combiner or splitter the wrong way around

Then you just have to retune the TVs and you will have an extra channel with the Saorview channels and this will be the CCTV DVR.

Other uses:

You can stack several HD Modulators together and use them with Saorview in Large Houses, BNBs, small hotels etc where they only need a small amount of channels.

Advertising - Modulate a computer or android box that has been configured for advertising and display it on however many TVs you want.

Media Centre - Modulate your media center to play a movie or tv series on each TV in the house

These are a few uses of HDMI Modulators and there are many more. It is clear that they are a very useful tool for any installer

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