Hey Guys, Good news the Formuler Z boxes are back in stock.

Check out some videos I have made for the Formuler Z on it's product page here - Just click the video tab.

The Formuler Z is a great bit of kit. It combines IPTV and Android really well.

The IPTV is accessed via the MYTV app which comes built in. As can be seen in the videos on the product page the MYTV app works really well. Changing channels is fast and easy, the EPG looks real well and is quite large, catchup is accessed very easily from EPG and loads good but can sometimes be a bit slow. You can load portals on via Mac Address or via Username/Password. There are loads of IPTV apps preloaded too!!

The VOD looks great when you load it up, with a really nice layout and information really easy to access.The filter can be a bit hit and miss for browsing through the movies but the search function works great and so do the groups. Once you choose a VOD file they generally load up really quick.

All round the Formuler is an impressive box and a welcome addition to the IPTV space