Importance of including Eircodes when placing Orders.

In 2016 every Irish household and business received an alpha-numeric code which is your address in 7 characters.  Most people still don’t use this new system; even today people refuse to use it

Using Eircodes meant tackling two peculiarly Irish problems. The first is that 35 per cent of addresses in the Republic are non-unique. In rural areas, neighbours on one stretch of road often have the same address. To complicate this further, they can sometime be members of the same family, and so have the same surname.

The second is that single addresses can have a number of permutations, all of which will work when it comes to having post delivered. So each address could have multiple spellings of the road name, people could use the local name for the road or the Irish spelling of the road.

With combining your address in normal format and the specific Eircode for your address, this will minimise any confusion that occurs when a package is being delivered to you.

So here at we would advise using your Eircode with your address for fast and reliable delivery when using our website.  It speeds up deliveries with our delivery partners and makes sure that the package arrives at the correct address.